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Recognize The Opportunities To Level Up Your Career.

Richard Janes Personal Branding Expert

A few months back SUCCESS Magazine interviewed me about my journey helping people build their personal brand grounded in #passion #purpose and #authenticity.

It was a great experience and the feedback has been fantastic with people reaching out and thanking me for sharing my story and insight.

What people don’t realize is the impact this interview has had on my own work and how I approach what I do.

At different points in our life/career we are given the opportunity to ‘level up’ – to go from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a bigger pond. This was one of those moments for me.

As I came away from the interview I felt I had done everything right – but, for some reason, I didn’t leave their Dallas office with the same feeling that I had left countless interviews, appearances, talks, podcasts, and stages that had come before. For some reason, it hadn’t clicked the way it usually does.

As I examined why I felt this way, I realized that Josh Ellis, the Editor-in-Chief who interviewed me, spends much of his time interviewing the likes of Tony RobbinsBrené BrownBrendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter. and Rachel Hollis – he plays consistently at the highest level, and as such, for me to operate at this level, I needed to do more than ever before – I couldn’t rest on the old way of doing things – I needed to up my game.

I went home and spent 5 hours writing down all the things Josh asked me (and all the things he could have asked me if we had had longer than an hour together) and started working on Richard Janes 2.0 (probably more like 12.0).

Yes, it would be easier to retreat back and stay in my familiar ‘safe’ pond.

Yes, the bigger pond carries so much unknown and is a little bit (a lot at times) intimidating!

Yes, the coming months were not going to be easy as I would have to brake down things that have served me well in the past but were not good enough for the next chapter.

But I reminded myself that I have a purpose and swimming in the bigger pond – vs retreating – will enable me to have a greater impact in fulfilling my own unique and personal destiny.

So, the last few months I’ve been head down doing this work… It’s been immensely exciting, exhausting, and eye opening. I’ve had to pay attention to where I put my energy and be proactive in assembling a team that can help me navigate this next part of the journey. I’ve made mistakes and had to back track, it’s been an uncertain time for some of those around me, it’s been surprising with some of the discoveries, and left me with a heavy heart around decisions that have had to result in leaving elements of my faithful past behind – all at the same time as dealing with a UC flare that put me in hospital (it’s funny how these things happen at the same time isn’t it).

To many an outsider, the next few months will most likely look like a natural and fluid transition that was meant to be. And yes, it is meant to be, but that doesn’t discount the fact that all transitions contain an element of self doubt and internal conversations with battles as to what needs to be let go in order to flourish.

As one chapter comes to an end, I’m excited for you to witness the first pages of a new chapter over the coming months.

Opportunities like this do not come along once in a while. They are all around us only, in many cases, we fail to open our eyes because we are not yet ready to see, to commit to the work, to muster the courage. The comfort of the known is a strong anchor unless it is acknowledged as such.

Where can you level up? What courageous action is it now time for you to take.

Remember: that in order for a tree to fully bloom next season, it needs to be pruned of the branches that once held great fruit.

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Author: Richard Janes

Richard Janes is an Emmy winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, and career coach working with fellow entrepreneurs and those in the creative industries to build their brand and open up more opportunities for them to shine doing what they do best. In 2019, Success Magazine introduced him as America’s top personal branding expert having helped launch, revive, and catapult the careers of many actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs.



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