Everything Comes Full Circle

Richard Janes Personal Branding Expert

Looking back on 2019, there were some pretty big lessons that I picked up. I’m going to share them in a few emails since I think they are relevant to all of us and are great to bear in mind as we approach 2020.

Everything Comes Full Circle

In 2003, I boarded a plane to Los Angeles for the first time.

What proceeded was a whirlwind of a tour meeting industry executives at their Beverly Hills mansions, in swanky offices at film studios, and top restaurants with recognizable faces sitting in different dimly lit booths.

The highlight was my visit to Steven Speilberg’s offices at Amblin Entertainment. Here I was asked to pitch my take on directing a new project that they were interested in me helming.

Sixteen years later (has it been that long), after a whirlwind of tears, laughter, and more tears as we chased the Hollywood dream, my family and I packed up our car and moved from Los Angeles to Oklahoma seeking a calmer lifestyle and green pastures. You can read about this decision here. With this decision, I presumed my days of working within the Hollywood system were firmly in my rearview mirror.

However, as I say, things come full circle.

This summer, I found myself back at Amblin sitting in precisely the same chair, only this time with the Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, the head of the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, and independent producer Melodie Garneau.

From the age of 12, watching Andrew Loyd Webber’s Starlight Express on London’s WestEnd, I knew I wanted to be in entertainment. I wanted to transport people into other worlds the way I had been transported at that theater. I wanted to challenge them to think differently through the power of story and leave them with a lifted heart and a twinkle in their eye, ready to take on another day.

It is my belief that those early passions can never be fully extinguished from a person because they are raw and authentic to our very being.

Throughout my life, I have always found ways to lean into my early passions. For 2019 I focused my efforts on two main areas:

Filling my calendar with more public speaking events where I can impact a large number of people with the message of embracing the hero within. (me on stage)


Continuing to build up my private coaching work helping people get specific on their personal brand so they can attract more opportunities to shine. (which starts with helping people to build their own powerful and transformational story)

But as I sat in Amblin’s office this year, taking time away from my two areas of focus, a smile came to my face. I was reminded of the importance of keeping ourselves open to opportunity and saying ‘yes’ to things that feel good – even if you aren’t sure where it will lead.

All too often, we can get sucked into filling our time with things we feel we ‘should’ be doing or stressing out about achieving the ‘vision’ we have for the future.

That pressure we put on ourselves prevents us from seeing the signals the world is throwing in our direction to be happy.

We all have a sail that we can raise to catch the energy of the universe. But so many of us worry that the wind won’t take us in the direction we have planned.

We fear being out of control.

And this ‘fear’ ends up keeping us from moving forward.

By opening ourselves up to the wind, we are inviting the world to conspire in our favor and putting faith in the fact that there are unknown opportunities just waiting for us over the horizon.

2019 was a good reminder for me to keep following my passions, keep myself open to opportunity, and to keep saying yes. I’ll have some exciting news to share very soon on the results of the ‘say yes’ approach to life.

I hope this story stirs some thoughts about your childhood passions.

What if you found time to lean into them a little more?

For those of you who have completed my 14-Day Personal Brand Challenge, you’ll know that looking back on childhood memories that lifted your heart is one of the cornerstones to unlock the power of your personal brand.

If you haven’t taken my 14-Day challenge, the next one starts on January 6th – perfect for kicking your year off the right way – and you can sign up here: https://www.unlockyourpersonalbrandpower.com/challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

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Richard Janes is an Emmy winning personal brand expert with a passion for storytelling. His unique approach to personal branding has launched, revived, and catapulted the careers of many actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs.


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