Our Brand Is A Reflection Of Our Tribe.

by Richard Janes


"Strategically Building Your Tribe To Support Your Brand"


As the saying goes, "When you remove work, sports, and alcohol, most men do not have friends."

And by 'friends' I mean people who you are willing to share your innermost self, regardless of the pain. Friends whom you can be completely vulnerable with, safe in the knowledge that the circle is a sacred space where there is no jostling for the social pecking order. By enlarge, women have been better at this than men, but I see this threatened across both sexes. 

This paradigm was exposed to me by Personal Brand Masters student Philip Folsom who has made a living transforming team into tribes. Together, with another PBM student Clark Vautier, we have been meeting for over two years with no real purposes other than talking. It seems remarkably simple, but how often do you plan our time with people whose our activity or event is not built around them?

Contrary to recent common belief, we are not meant to be a solo player in the game of life. We are intended to live as tribes, supporting each other in achieving our visions and raising the game for the entire group. 

As we build our brand, we have to acknowledge the impact those around us play in the process. Do they support or undermine the very best version of ourselves? Do they seek to dominate and enroll us in their vision without the interchange to provide balance to the relationship?  And if they are not providing a healthy environment for us to grow, the next question has to be:

"Have we taken our space in the tribe?"

A meeting of my Tribe in Venice, CA

What other people think of us and where we stand in the social hierarchy is of vital importance as we grow older and move further away from the forced tribes of school and college friends. Just as I teach with building your brand, you have to be intentional in how you make your tribe AND THEN how you take your place in the tribe.  The questions to ask yourself are:

Who is in my tribe? (they do not have to all know each other to function conclusively).

What is the value I bring to the tribe?

What are the values each member brings?

What type of person is missing from my tribe?

A great way of approaching tribe building is to look at the four archetypes.

If you have taken my Personal Brand Quiz which analysis which animal best represents your brand, you will know all about the archetypes. If you haven't taken the quiz, I suggest you give it a go.

Once you know where you fall (Lion, Golden Retriever, Hawk, or Raven), you can ask your tribe to take the quiz and see if you are unduly weighted in one area. For many of us, this is the case. Once you know what you are missing, start hunting. The value that missing link will bring to your life will be enormous!

Having moved from Los Angeles four months ago, I am busy building my Oklahoma tribe. It takes time and effort for sure, but having experienced the value over the last two years, it's a must on my list.

Fortunately, as I build my OK tribe, I get to visit LA and sit around the fire each month getting a fix of vulnerability. It's important we let our guard down from time to time, it's how we connect.

Who do you want in your tribe?

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