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How Do You Answer ‘What Do You Do?’

Richard Janes Author Portrait

“You have opportunities every single day of your life!”

As many of you know, I live in Los Angeles, and one of the first questions anybody gets when you meet someone new is, What do you do? I’m an actor, I’m a director, I’m a…fill in the blank. How do you answer that question?

Now I want you to answer that question again where the person asking you the question holds an amazing power. Their power is the ability to introduce you to someone that will give you your dream opportunity. In your answer, you have to tell them, in a very brief sentence or two, what you do and why you do it. From your answer, this person has to be able to tell his or her friend that he has found the perfect person for an open opportunity they have and that they have to meet with you right away. That’s a little more difficult, huh? I’m going to add a little more pressure here and say that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you will never meet someone like this again. Someone who will have such a big impact on your life.

The truth is that you have these opportunities every single day of your life! You never know who will be the next person to open the golden door, make an introduction to a friend who is hiring, or say I need help on a fantastic project. It could be the person in the line behind you at the supermarket, it could be the lady sitting next to you at the bar as you wait for a friend, or it could be the CEO of your company who just walked into a meeting and asked, Who are you and what do you do?

Nobody is ever going to give you the heads up that this is your moment. You have to be prepared every single day to communicate the passion in what you do and your unique approach that makes you special – why do you do what you do? What is the passion behind it? You see, passion excites people. Passion sparks intrigue and passion opens doors.

My title is Personal Brand Expert, but if someone asks me what I do, I say: “I help people connect with their passion and purpose, then give them the tools to integrate them into an Authentic Personal Brand which they can bring to everything they do.”

So how are you going to answer the question, What do you do?

Richard Janes Author Portrait

Author: Richard Janes

Richard Janes is an Emmy winning personal brand expert with a passion for storytelling. His unique approach to personal branding has launched, revived, and catapulted the careers of many actors, athletes, musicians, television hosts, executives, and entrepreneurs.



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