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About Us

About Us

Our first business was created over fifteen years ago. Since then we have diversified across a range of US and UK  based marketing and entertainment companies. The key to our success has largely been due to the ability of our diverse and talented employees and the partner/co-owners of our various businesses. At the core of each business we live by the creed of A Better Self: A Better World. Wether we are creating feature films or television, providing equipment and facilities to storytellers, or building marketing campaigns for global brands, our work entertains, informs, and inspires people from all walks of life to become the hero in their own stories and live the life they were meant to lead.  

Our Companies:

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Who is
Richard Janes?

Richard Janes is an Emmy winning entertainment entrepreneur, film producer, and author. He originally made a name for himself creating digital content for the likes of Paramount Pictures, Disney, Yahoo!, and Huffington Post. As social media took off with Twitter and Facebook, Richard became Hollywood's go to expert helping hundreds of globally known artists build their digital brand and capitalize on direct to fan communication through brand endorsements and launching their own entertainment based IP.


At the center of all Richard's work is the pursuit of Passion, Purpose, and Authenticity. It was through these three words that Richard founded The Richard Janes Group; a holding company that works with both individuals and brands from around the world in various entertainment and marketing capacities.


Richard believes that one of the keys to success lies in the identification and embracement of your true passion and purpose. As an artist, entrepreneur, and business leader, it is these two things that drives everything he does and everything he attaches himself too.

In this 'passion project' podcast series, Richard interviews guests who have dared to step up to the plate and embrace that which makes their heart sing – some are entrepreneurs, some are entertainers, some are pursuing something entirely different, but all have stories that can inspire us all.

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