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Richard Janes Personal Brand Expert

Well, a big gorgeous welcome my website!

Here you’ll be able to find out more about me, the companies I have invested in or started, and how you too might be able to work with me. The majority of my work sits at the intersection of entertainment and entrepreneurship. Be that through producing entertainment-related IP, coaching individuals on how to build their career, or through providing businesses and organizations with strategic thinking and actionable next steps around the future of their business. 

So why not grab a cup of tea and let’s get to know one another?

Signed Richard Janes
Finding Passion & Purpose Podcast

One of the keys to success lies in the identification and embracement of your true passion and purpose. As an artist and entrepreneur, it is these two things that drive everything I do and everything I attach myself too.

In this podcast series, I interview guests who have dared to step up to the plate and embrace that which makes their heart sing – some are entrepreneurs, some are entertainers, some are pursuing something entirely different, but all have stories that can inspire us all.

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The Great Film Production Renaissance: Are You Ready?

The Great Film Production Renaissance: Are You Ready?

During times of struggle, the inevitable is often accelerated. Companies that were dying go bust, new ways of working, that were once seen as too disruptive to the established norm, or simply too expensive, are fully embraced in order to survive.

Announcing Oklahoma’s New Film & Television Studio

Announcing Oklahoma’s New Film & Television Studio

I am enormously excited to announce that next month we are opening Green Pastures Studio, a 12-acre film and television campus in Oklahoma that will be home to various productions, entertainment support services, and the Oklahoma Film & TV Academy (OFTA) which we are launching alongside the studio.

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Guy Camilleri Acting Coach Personal Branding Richard Janes

Guy Camilleri

"Through Richard's coaching, I've learned a tremendous amount about myself and have been able to zero in on what makes me unique and valuable in the market place. Within six months my revenue was up 75%."
Shelley Taniguchi Personal Branding

Shelley Taniguchi

"I signed up for Richard's online program and it helped me get clear about my unique gifts and purpose.  Each module is short enough to unpack and yet powerful and relevant.  Richard asks insightful questions that helped me hone in on what's truly important.  Thank you so much for the clarity you have brought me!"
Cris Linnares Personal Branding Richard Janes

Cris Linnares

“Richard’s enthusiasm and insight was just what I needed to relaunch my career and make some new bold steps towards a future I could get excited about.”
John Rogers Richard Janes Personal Branding

John Rogers

"Richard is arguably the most gifted person I've met at pulling out the authentic brand of an individual. He's impacted my life in great ways and I'm lucky to know and work with him"
Jordan Roberts Personal Branding Richard Janes

Jordan Roberts

“Having clarity over the core of my brand as a writer is like having a life map, or better, a compass.”
Teri Noble Richard Janes Personal Branding Public Speaking

Teri Noble

"I booked Richard to speak at our annual Women In Institutional Investment Seminar. He had us laughing, he had us crying, and he had us challenging the traditional paradigm through which we approach our work. I would recommend him to any event that is looking to challenge the way people show up both in their personal and professional life."
Ashley Riley Personal Branding Richard Janes

Ashley Riley

“Richard’s workshop has helped me to get specific with making every life choice from truth, love, and creativity. Since this declaration in August I have lived a truly artful life and know myself better than ever. ”
Luke Jones Realestate Personal Branding Richard Janes

Luke Jones

“When I was in transition from a full time salaried position to starting my own Real Estate Advisory, Richard gave me some phenomenal tools to shape my personal brand and kick start my business.I crushed this goal within 8 months of starting my business and I have Richard to thank in large part for this achievement!”



Larry King Social Media Branding Richard Janes

Larry King

TV & Radio Host

Jillian Micheals Social Media Branding Richard Janes

Jillian Micheals

America’s Toughest Trainer

Waka Flocka Flame Social Media Branding Richard Janes

Wake Flocka Flame

Recording Artist

Shay Mitchell Social Media Branding Richard Janes

Shay Mitchell


Laird Hamilton Social Media Branding Richard Janes

Laird Hamilton




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Richard Janes Wrote For HuffPost


You can work with me through any of my companies below. Additionally, I take on a small number of private consulting clients (both corporate and individuals) who are looking to build their brand and position themselves for the next stage in their evolution. 



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